food journal – bangladesh

We recently returned from a visit Bangladesh where we were able to travel a bit around the country.  I have so many food-related memories of that country, from the abundance of vegetables over the winter harvest, to the funky tropical fruits, and the homemade-with-love specialties. Bangladeshi food is similar to north Indian food, but with more of a focus on fish and vegetables than meat or dairy. Here, a photo journal of our travels:

We took a bus from Dhaka to Khulna,  where we boarded a riverboat to travel to the Sundarban mangrove forest.

passing by fields of mustard

this street vendor has everything handy to make jhaal moori: puffed rice with chilies, tomatoes, onions and mustard oil

as the bus waits for the ferry, passengers can get a young coconut to drink the sweet, refreshing coconut water

making fresh sugar cane juice

yummy fresh parathas (fried bread) and eggs right off the hot griddle

oranges on the ferry

on board our boat, veggies for our lunch and dinner

rolling down the river eating spinach curry, potatoes and cauliflower, and fresh fried fish

grinding an aromatic masala including cloves and coriander

for breakfast, a light squash curry and flaky luchi bread

bangladeshi prawn – not your shrimpy shrimp

uniquely bengali food – pakhan pitha, a syrupy and crispy fried cake

the thorns of a date tree are used to make the intricate designs

no bengali meal is complete without dessert. here, thick sweetened homemade yogurt stacked in clay pots

we couldn’t decide at the sweets store, so we chose one of each!

Phew! That’s plenty for one post. Next time, I’ll show you some photos from visiting the markets in the countryside.


9 thoughts on “food journal – bangladesh

  1. wow..that is really large langoustines/prawns! :-O I want them!!! LOL

    I never see the pakhan pitha llike that… so beautiful! Is there moulds for this sweets? Also, I never seen yoghurt stacked like that.. what’s the layer on top of the yoghurt?

    Thank you for sharing your adventures… 🙂

  2. @pixen – the pitha are made in a mold, and then decorated painstakingly with the date thorn. The yogurts are my FAVORITE! they are sweetened and form a delicious crust on top while setting in their clay pots.

  3. Millad Hossain

    বাংলা আমার মাতৃভূমি
    বাংলা আমার মা,
    বাংলার প্রকৃতি আর বাংলার খাবার
    আমি ভূলব না।

  4. বাংলা আমার মাতৃভূমি
    বাংলা আমার মা,
    বাংলার প্রকৃতি আর বাংলার খাবার
    আমি ভূলব না।

    আজ ৩ বছর ধরে প্রবাশে থেকে আমি বাংলাকে শুধু অনুভব করছি। আর উপলব্দি করতে পেরেছি আমার প্রিয় বাংলাকে।

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