pies and pierogi

Living in the city has made me infinitely lazier. Why cook when there’s delicious delivery and tasty takeout? Especially when there’s no dishes to do and leftovers for lunch.  However, after a few too many dim sum deliveries, I’d had enough. I needed something new, something that was less guilt-inducing and possibly portable. That’s when I stumbled upon Peasant Pies down the road. They make portable pastries filled with various savory and sweet stuffings. I brought home a sampling of vegetarian pies: curried potato, Moroccan lentil, spicy eggplant and tomato, spinach and feta, eggs with veggies and cheese, and zucchini with mushroom and cheese.  First off, the pies are a great deal at a little under $3 each. They’re palm-sized but really filling. The crust is a whole wheat mix that, once warmed up in the oven for a few minutes, is crisp and quite dense which allows it to be hand-held without flaking off in your fingers or leaving a buttery sheen behind.  The crust itself wasn’t particularly flavorful and using a knife or fork is actually difficult unless you want shard of crust in every direction.  I’d recommend just using your hands as intended. As it was breakfast time, I started with the scrambled egg pie with a bit of tomatoes and onions, mushrooms and some Monterey Jack cheese.  It was flavorful and the eggs remained light and fluffy (how’d they do that?).  Beats a fast food faux-egg product sandwich for sure.

Of the other pies, I especially liked the curried potato and the spicy eggplant and tomato. The curried potato was like a samosa – I found it to be delicately spiced.  The eggplant and tomato is beautifully garlicky, with fresh herbs and a perfect sized bite of eggplant. I adore eggplant and feel terrible for people who hate it because they’ve had it poorly prepared to become a slimy mush. This eggplant was juicy and creamy, and the tomato sauce wasn’t spicy so much as herb-y, like a ratatouille. The spinach and feta pie was a bit dry for me, and I think that particular filling works better in a phyllo or croissant style flaky crust wrapper. I was actually a bit put off by the cheese in the zucchini pie, and the lentil pie filling was a bit too sweet for me, but then again I prefer Indian style lentils to French style.  Overall, I’d be back for a breakfast pie or a quick veggie lunch. And I’ll definitely try the sweet pies on my next visit.

This is neither here nor there, but I had to post this photo from my adventures at the Polish festival with my buddy Adam. He may have been a bit homesick for authentic kielbasa and a friendly Polish grandma face serving up hand made pierogies, so we headed to Golden Gate park for a rather crowded dining room of people waiting patiently for their chow. Starting off with some refreshing Zywiec beers, he got his kielbasa with plenty of mustard on the side, and I got a pierogie platter with mushroom pierogies and potato and onion pierogies laden with melted butter. We finished up with a slice of home made poppy seed cake and watched a band of middle aged people perform what can only be described as folk-techno.  Na zdrowie!

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