ice cream

i should go cold

My kitchen is tiny.  I own one pan, one pot, and have one outlet that is nowhere near any counter space.  With this in mind, I own few appliances that are carefully tucked away taking up minimal precious storage space.  It goes without saying that these appliances, a mixer and a rice cooker, have to be multi-taskers to win their limited spots in this streamlined kitchen.  However, I covet. I covet blenders and grinders and whirring swirling shaking steaming flashy gadgetry, but reason always wins.  The only  uni-tasker that even reason cannot overpower has been an ice-cream maker. I adore ice cream….gelato….fro-yo….sorbet…my voice, filled with glee, is what you hear when one screams for ice cream.  And now, thanks to B and his spacious, beautiful, and very very empty kitchen, I got an ice-cream maker and the space to house it.  So, prepare yourself for a likely avalanche of ice cream posts…

My first experiment in ice-cream making had to be something special. Luckily, I found the perfect inspiration in my dessert bible, Barbara Fairchild’s Bon Appétit Desserts, a thoughtful gift from Anna and Pat.  Right from the start I knew I would try the brown butter ice cream recipe; brown butter with its sweet/salty caramel flavor with a hint of nuttiness is a perfect foil to all things savory (brussel sprouts, bitter greens) and sweet (butternut squash and prailines). In creamy ice cream form, it is truly rich and decadent in flavor.  To this luxurious base I added chopped pecan brittle, as I just prefer the sweetness and lightness of pecans to peanuts.  You can find any great recipe for brittle, but this recipe was super easy because everything can be made in a microwave and then spread out onto a silicone baking sheet liner.  The result was a lovely buttery, nutty crunch to the brown butter ice cream, like caramel bits in caramel cream.

I admit that my first ice cream endeavor was more time-consuming than I had imagined, and that the result, although delicious, wasn’t as smooth in texture as I’d like. I think I took a shortcut by pouring the room-temperature cooled custard straight into the frozen ice cream maker rather than chilling the base to a cooler temp.  The ice cream turned out a bit gritty although still very rich and flavorful.  Now that it has a home, I hope my shiny new uni-tasking splurge will be put to good use practicing, practicing, practicing…


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