crepe party

Adam had a crepe party.  He called his sister-in-law in Poland to help finesse his crepe recipe. Then he started ladling, spreading, and flipping – repeat, repeat, repeat – until the crepe stack towered and tottered. I can not ladle, spread or flip – so I sautéed some portabellas with shallot and garlic, caramelized onions with thyme, and prepared crab with cayenne and a touch of fresh lemon. Our friends, in line with plates in hand, pointed and pointed and pointed while we filled the crepes and warmed them over to melt and meld flavors.  We wrapped them like omelettes because we didn’t know how to fold them in quarters. Then we made more. Then we made more. Then we made more. We were stuffed like crepes, and ran out of room for dessert crepes.  Instead, we watched Michael Jackson videos and sang/danced along. A savory crepe party success.

Brie, crab, and chives

Salmon, goat cheese, shallots and capers

Gruyère, sautéed portabellas, caramelized onion, and basil

For breakfast, leftover crepe gift box: Gruyère, egg, thyme


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