what i had for dinner: shrimp tacos and napa cabbage salad

I feel really bad for pre-California me, because she did not have too many options for Mexican food, and the vast majority of those choices were not terribly good. California me has Mexican, Cal-Mexican, Mexican fusion (Indian burritos and Korean tacos? OK!), regional Mexican, and even vegetarian or vegan-friendly Mexican options all around me and the vast majority of them are quite good, actually.  B’s a native Californian, so he would happily eat Mexican food every meal given half a chance. This night, we both had thrilled taste buds with my favorite: shrimp tacos.

Take this simple recipe and add whatever you like. I switched the parsley for cilantro, because shrimp and cilantro love each other and make each other very, very happy.

To each warm tortilla, I added:

– shredded red cabbage

– sliced California avocado

– fresh tomato salsa

lime cilantro crema from this super easy recipe

– crumbles of cotija cheese

– a spritz of fresh lime juice

As a side, I served this Napa cabbage salad with buttermilk dressing for a cooling, crunchy counterpart. Napa cabbage is lighter and sweeter than other cabbages so this would make a good substitute for mayo-clogged coleslaws. I’m not a fan of radishes or celery so I substituted peeled, diced cucumbers for their crunch and some shredded carrot for sweetness.  I found the buttermilk dressing a but too thin and plain for my taste, so I added a dollop of sour cream to thicken it and found that the tanginess worked nicely as well. This dressing was very subtle, so I’d definitely add more garlic and herbs next time.

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