what i had for dinner: bokkeumbap

You know what’s better than fried rice? Kimchi fried rice. You know what’s better than kimchi fried rice? Kimchi fried rice with an egg on top. You know what’s better than _____? ____ with an egg on top.  Fact.

Bokumbap / bokkeumbap / bukombap / bokkumbap: I don’t know how to spell it, but it is: leftover rice, kimchi, gochujang (Korean red pepper paste), egg. Everything else is a plus but those seem to be the essentials to making this a super fast, cheap and magnificently delicious meal.

Also, buying fresh made kimchi gives me an excuse to go to my favorite little Korean store where I can grab some chocolate-filled-panda-bear cookies and pickled cucumbers and bean sprouts. You know, neccessities.

This recipe from Bap Story is all kinds of awesome (the pics make it so easy to follow!) but I have one little change: more gochujang! This means more flavor because clumps of white rice is boring. I made a sauce with 2 parts gochujang, 1 part each of rice vinegar and sesame oil, and added a touch of honey and then served this tableside so you can add as much as you want. Don’t worry: it’s not terribly spicy, but definitely adds smoky, sour, salty flavor that keeps fried rice from wilting of blandness.

Oh! and not sure how to make perfect Korean rice?  That would be nice and clumpy and sticky, not fluffy long-grain Indian basmati or jasmine rice – for the perfect Korean rice, start here.


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