what i had for dinner: avocadotaco

My kitchen is flush with summer jewels from the garden. I am both luxuriating in the lush fruits at their peaks of ripeness, just waiting in a bowl to be plucked and peeled and bitten – as well as feeling rather slothful about turning any sort of appliance on to cook away their freshness. For three days straight, I’ve figured out a way to have it all: the avocadotaco. Its a perfect way to enjoy the creamy avocados, juicy ripe tomatoes, and pyramid of key limes I have leftover from hosting taco parties and making gallons of fresh margaritas. This is not a guacotaco: no pre-prepared guacamole will have the same effect. Yeah, you could add leftover meat or beans, but honestly you don’t need them – especially if your ingredients are bursting with ripeness. Key limes are not essential: a tart regular lime will be just as great, but I have a boatload of key limes here and they’re so sweet and provide just the perfect amount of juice per avocado.

The method is lazy-stupid-easy:
– Halve an avocado (preferably after it has ripened nicely to a slightly soft texture), remove the pit.
– Halve a lime. Squeeze the juice of each lime half into each avocado half.
– Add a dose of garlic (fresh minced 1/2 clove per avocado half, or a dab of garlic paste).
– Salt and pepper generously.
– Take a fork and within each avocado skin: mash it up! Keep it chunky and just incorporated.
– Heat up a couple of tortillas on the griddle or microwave.
(I added some slices of cotija cheese and melted it on the tortillas because YUM and also it has just the right saltiness)
– Spread avocado on tortilla.
– Top with really sweet, really ripe, really juicy summer tomatoes.
– Fold, stuff your face, wash down with a cold Pacifico or fresh squeezed limeade.
– Smirk at the oven and the pot and the dishwasher – you showed them!


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