sweet masala

For a recent barbecue with tandoori grilled fish and chicken, I needed a summery fresh dessert that would also go with the Indian cuisine theme.  This blackberry ginger clafouti recipe seemed to fit the bill just fine.  Clafoutis is a fancy schmancy word for a sweet quiche. A quiche is a fancy schmancy way to say baked custard. A custard is a fancy schmancy way to say eggs. So basically, this is sweet eggs.

The recipe was embarrassingly easy to throw together. I didn’t make my own garam masala for this recipe but you certainly could as its quite simple. Garam masala is full of aromatic spices that would be right at home with dessert, especially if you like pumpkin pie with lots of spice or spiced fruit cobblers. The result was a not overpowering but did tie in some Indian flavor to an otherwise straightforward dessert. Also, any berries or cherries would work well for this recipe. This Dutch baby-ish dish will rise up and deflate like a souffle, but the texture is firmer.  I served it at room temp with ice cream, but warmed up I think it would be even more eggy and quite comforting.

If you like flan, I think this would be a great spin-off into a new direction. Personally, I’m not quite sold on clafoutis for dessert but I think I could get into it for breakfast as an alternative to French toast. Which all works out since I never bother to keep breakfast restricted to mornings anyway….


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