picnic in the presidio

San Francisco takes full advantage of its indian summer. In fall, while the rest of the country is bristling against the crisp autumnal wind, this city is shrugging off the chilly shroud of fog and snuggling up against lazy days of sun. They don’t last long, these gifts of warmth – so the city’s green spaces are littered with sun-worshippers laying out post-brunch or post-hangover.

This past month, the city really upped the rewards by offering Picnic at the Presidio – an invitation to take over the main lawn of the Presidio, amid its gorgeous views at the base of the Golden Gate bridge, with other like-minded laze-abouts.  Brought together by the good folks at Off the Grid, they sweetened the pot with a DJ pumping out old school summer jams, bocce ball courts and balls, and of course a string of amazing food stalls from local restaurants. Oh, and did I mention the wagons of mimosas and bloody marys rolled up straight to your blanket. We gathered some buds and some picnic essentials from my local Spanish and French importers and joined the party, soaking up the last days of sun with a clear view out onto beautiful San Francisco bay.


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