tennessee treats

For B’s birthday we swung over to visit our buddies in Nashville for biscuits and honky tonk and hop-skip-jumped over to Memphis for sweet tea and blues. Here’s the scoop:

After a night of country crooning and honky-tonk dancing in Nashville, we stopped by the famous Loveless Cafe for some of their prized biscuits.

I am so intrigued by Goo Goo pie.

There’s no better to way to wake up in the afternoon than with a mason jar full of ice cold peach sweet tea and a sidecar of moonshine.

Yes, there was.

Our (first) plate full of tender biscuits and gooey jam – blackberry, peach, and strawberry. Our wonderful waiter boxed up another plate to go for our drive to Memphis.

The perfect biscuit: light, airy, fluffy, with a delicate crumb, salty with butter and topped with sweet jam bursting with strawberries.
A southern breaky: BBQ pork over johnnycakes and a side of grits. That’s what’s up.

I got a side of these cornmeal dusted fried green tomatoes – crunchy, crispy, and tart.

Making Loveless biscuits.


On to Beale St, lit up even in the rain and cold, for Memphis’ blues and booze.

I love any town that will fry your catfish to go. I would like an order of everything, please!

Yes, it was.

The line between music and blues blurred further.

The night was light on bites, and heavier on brews (we did have a birthday to celebrate) and I was intrigued by the signs of sweet tea vodka all over. I bought into the marketing and have to say, it was delicious and tasted like a fresh pitcher of tea without a weird aftertaste. We may have ended up having some of this straight up…

Like New Orleans, Memphis allows you to take your adult beverages onto the street to hear the next band at the next club. This lovely gentleman was a great ambassador to the city of Memphis, and he will make street legal margaritas for you.

We ended that night on a classier tip, with cocktails at the stunning historic Peabody hotel.

On the way to Graceland, we made sure to stop by Elvis’ joint, the Arcade – a classic diner with no-frills hearty eats.


There’s no better way to head off to Graceland after a crazy night on Beale St, than polishing off pitchers of ice cold sweet tea and turning up Elvis on the radio.


2 thoughts on “tennessee treats

  1. Anna Ganahl

    What a fabulous trip!! Thank you for sharing! I am drooling over new revelations, food and place-wise, as well as places that I already knew I wanted to go to, see and dine at!

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