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the most magical time of year

I love this time of the year. I love the sparkling Christmas lights, the air infused with cinnamon and peppermint, the slivers of shiny gift wrap leftovers, the secretly good embarrassingly bad holiday movies and the bejeweled Christmas tree welcoming you home every evening with its warm glow. I love all of these things but certainly the best part of Christmas is spending it with loved ones (and finding your fingers visiting the cookie bowl…again). Last year was my first time ever hosting and it was ridiculously fun – I can’t wait to do it again.

Festive tins with holiday  cookies for munching absentmindedly while watching Love Actually for the 32nd time? Check.

Easy peasy Christmas breakfast with custardy Challah baked French toast and a sweet-tart berry compote that takes a handful of minutes to make? Check.

A fluffy egg frittata with a mixture of Gruyere and goat cheese, fresh herbs, and juicy tomatoes that you can whip up the night before and stick into the oven for a lazy breakfast? Check.

Fresh flowers for Christmas dinner? Check.

A classic side dish made elegant like savory crisp roasted Brussels sprouts with browned butter (and made even better with fresh sage)? Check.

A new favorite addition like creamy crunchy cauliflower gratin bubbling hot from the oven? Check.

And, of course, a perfectly roasted glorious bird (thanks Anna…and for the stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and pillowy soft dinner rolls!) ready for carving as we sit down to dinner with jokes and stories (and red wine)? Check.

We made a Christmas, let’s do it again!


4 thoughts on “the most magical time of year

  1. The egg frittata and the french toast were my favourites from your list…the other day I noticed that outside the shops near Brigade road in Bangalore, there were christmas decorations for sale. It felt good to see them. We don’t see them so much in the shops in our part of the city.

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