crab, you say?

Ok, I know the last post was a highly opinionated manifesto on the crab cake, so I will keep this crab post short. One other way (of the millions) that we enjoy crab is in this decadent, fragrant, creamy, elegant crab and pumpkin soup. I serve it with some yogurt (+/- chives, lemon) for that creamy tanginess that offsets the aromatics of curry spices so well. This has made it to the Thanksgiving table for the past few years but it’s also great with crusty bread and salad for a casual dinner. This curried crab and pumpkin soup is easy to make, but tastes like you have been working all day from a secret recipe on a handwritten scroll squirreled away in a trinket box you hide from prying eyes. By which I mean, it’s fantastic and people love it and you will look like a culinary genius.


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